Reviews for "Dead Paradise 3"

I actually enjoyed this game, the controls get a while to be used to but a fun and smooth game.

"You out of rockets"?

I think these games don't seem to load too well on my computers. Still, I enjoyed playing this. I'm glad that I can remember the other games in this series. While it takes awhile to get used to the controls, it's quite worth it. I like all the explosions and stuff. It was a great idea to combine a racing game with a shooting one.

It reminds me of my old days on Twisted Metal 2. It can really be a complicated game. I'm glad to have weapons that can easily finish off those cars. I may not be that interested in that, but it's worth playing. That's the most medals I've seen on a game in a long time.

love the game but needs more cars

sweet game, I was actually wondering when dead paradise 3 was coming out