Reviews for "Dead Paradise 3"

I enjoyed the game, but not as much as the first and the second.
The Corsair is a pretty awesome car, but there should probably be more, and there was no real improvement over the other (with the exception of the convoy, which i personally didnt like)
Dont know if its just me but all of the series i had some performance issues, especially the 2 and 3.

But still a pretty good job, with almost no bugs. Hope the next will be better.

Games ok I like the action in the game and the upgrades, but I wish the computer didn't shoot for me. Also shift doesn't work all that well for when your vehicle gets stuck.

Nice system of upgrades ,i like this game ,it realy easy to play ,and of course it funny.

Thats a good game!!!!! Corsar is my favorite car now!!!! I recommend this game to everyone - it was really easy too play with such a cool car!!!!

i cant Fukin Click Play -_-