Reviews for "Dead Paradise 3"

Great till mission 3 when the convoy stays locked on the hill...even after reloading the level... could have been a 5 *

this is awesome! havent played the other ones, but love the combo between driving/gunning. customization is always something i look for, and this has got it good. kudos!

I really enjoyed playing this game. it has got it's own niche in the side scrolling, drive vehicle and blow stuff up genre. hovertank 2.5 was the bomb. as well as the rail gun(?), ultimate weapon upgrade. BLOW SHAT UP ALL DAY LONG! TANK SMASH!
5/5, 5 stars

Good game. I had a good time, until I had to stop because level 6 doesn't load.Nice how the tanks change their looks with each upgrade. I wish I could continue this game. Fun while it lasted.

Smokoko responds:

Hey, thanks for your feedback. Please try to refresh your browser page. Hope this help you

One of my favorite game series.