Reviews for "Mermaid Murderfest!"

Not much for way of graphics, music, story, or controls. Gameplay is difficult, and not much by way of development. The idea is there, but could use some more work for instruction and player control.

Pretty fun game. Addictive and decently hard, but the graphics could be better.

the controls are dumb, plus you barely have instructions, no story, which i dont really care, but many times you just go throught the sailors without attacking, and that is dumb

This is crazy difficult to control and just not very interesting. Some sort of story, even a small one, would have helped to make it more interesting. As for the controls, they work fine when you are in the water, but once you are out of the water it is extremely difficult to control the mermaid. If you could have moved at the same speed as when you are in the water it would have helped a lot. Also, a button to attack would helped in my opinion. Just bouncing off of the pirates sailor guys is enough I suppose, but it is really difficult to manage to line yourself up with them in the first place. When I would end up in the middle of the pirates I would just bounce around like a pinball. In its current state it will take a lot more tits to make the game worth playing more than once.

Surprisingly fun! Thanks!

TheMillz responds:

yea thanks for playing