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Reviews for "Mafia Stories 2"

nice job

nice game i have all the achievements ;)

Nice Game.

MrPerfect is a hard medal to get.

This is a much better game than its predecessor. the grammar's correct, it's more than just quick-time, the game is longer, and the storytelling has improved. There are some cons though. If you punch, it slows down everyone's movements, and if you spam the punch button in a fight you become invincible for some reason. The money gathering and burger place are both arbitrary, and the "Burgers and Guns" sign near the burger place is a little misleading when you're trying to get into the club. It made me think I needed to buy a gun somehow from the burger shop to kill the guards. Also, just as a side note, the Mr. Perfect medal made me wish I was dead. Took me like half an hour