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Reviews for "Above Average Guy"

KEYWORD: Super Karoshi. Nuff said.

And the boss battle, did you guys play it? It needs an idiotic amount of time or luck.

Just plain annoying. First off al this has been done 100000 times and all of them are way better. This is using the lamest way for solving the puzzles.

This is an interesting and unique game, and I found myself enjoying every minute of it!
I like that it felt like the character(s) were actually in a game show.
Really well done on creating that vibe.
Everything was done top notch in this silly and fun game.
One thing I really wish is that the stages were bigger, as to incorporate more intricate puzzles and perhaps a little more difficulty as well.
Also, I noticed at times that the announcers speech bubble got in the way of the level design at times which interferes with progression on some of the timed platformer levels.
Last but not least, a medal earning system would be an awesome thing to have.
Anyway, great job on this submission, and I would definitely like to play a sequel or more games like this from you in the future.
Keep up the amazing work guys!

it was really good except the end battle

that was horrendous

This game is great in so many ways! Not least the completely random awesome idea, but also the ability to play in silent mode from the start, if you may be listening to something in the background, the Phoenix Wright parody comic introduction, the endlessly scrolling menu background, the clever levels, the create interfaces and slick cutscenes... and the fact that you're on a stage. It's really something out of the ordinary. With music it's a whole new experience though, awesome work! Only thing that could make it even more awesome is: medals.