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Reviews for "Above Average Guy"

I found this to be a good game. I thought it would be like that Japanese game show parody game Tom made. Now that you mention it, this isn't as good as that. I still liked this. It's biggest strength is how you have something different on every level. Of course, that also made it quite difficult.

I'm glad I managed to get as far as I did. It shows real effort put out. The music was fairly nice too. The colors and design were just very flashy and nicely done. I just wanted to see NCH work on a game.

If you keep holding up when you beat the level with the wall lifting, the sound of the wall lifting will continue into the next level.

Also, why do you have the ability to duck and slide? This never serves any purpose. I kept adjusting blocks in levels where I could do that to see if there was ever a hole I could slide through but not walk through, and there wasn't. Looks like your hit box is the same whether you're standing or crouching. A lot of platformers will just put in a duck ability and then forget about it without realizing they need to make it affect the game somehow.

This entire game reminds me of those 'Four Second' games, But this is alot better, music is bloody amazing, art style is great too, puzzles were clever, Last boss needed very precise timing though; not that I minded. overall 5/5

Pro's: -nice art style with well-done charachters, assets etc and good animations
-good menu's, basic functionality is well executed
-audience system instead of lives is original and implemented in a good way
-option to start the game silenced (still wondering why this hasn't become standard for every game yet)

Contra's: -very easy puzzles
-not enough variation, inspiration and originality in puzzles

Verdict: enjoyable game to play, but it pales in comparison to other puzzle games of the same genre. It does introduce an original 'punishment' mechanic and a very finished graphical side.

Enjoyed the game, but that final battle...