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Reviews for "Above Average Guy"

Quiet a challenging game! ... even though I didn't finish it but I love it :D

love the music!!!

Great game. Soundtrack, humor, and visual style breathe life into what could have been just a collection of single-stage puzzles. Not that the puzzles sucked or anything, I found them to be pretty diverse and enjoyed the way it got you to think differently about your controls.

I really enjoy this game, even if its was short. The puzzle is not that hard, but still work and can even confuse, like when i was using wasd for moving and then to move a barrier i used the arrow key, but the typing puzzle and the ways the audience is the life of the player is fabulous, at first you think it very punitive to make the player loose 2 audience per death or restart or hint, but when you got 40+ level and you gain +2 audience each time, that make it fair enough.

Very unique game! Gives a twist to the classic platformer, which I found really enjoyable.