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Reviews for "Above Average Guy"

Great game, but hell, it was long as fuck!
It takes 10 times to complete the game at 100%, so you can get the 10 trophies.
And still, the average guy can't remember why he suddenly has 10 trophies in his room xD

BTW, the secret room is in your apartment. To find it, you must use the only skill that you don't use in any of the puzzles. This skill is very common in videogames, like Megaman, so you should not have any trouble finding it. Good luck!

Such a great game on so many levels. It's disappointing that you couldn't make five stars.

Let's cut straight to the chase, this game is advertised as a puzzle platformer. In the game, it says "think outside the box". The levels are designed for a puzzle platform game. However, you hardly have any real puzzles. Literally more than half of the 43 levels is just difficult platform jumping and really simple fluff. Then most of the actual real puzzles you have are pressing a key. At first, it was kind of funny. It's like you have no idea what to do, and then it suddenly clicks in your head. It's fun. Then it gets so damn repetitive. Every single puzzle seems to be "if you hit this key, you can solve the puzzle!" and eventually it just becomes obvious and is no longer fun. The only actual puzzle was the Konami one. Near the end of the game, it just basically becomes I Wanna Be The Guy.

Despite this, you had great audio, a decent story, superb graphics and animations, and everything was smooth. You even had a pretty good ending. The game is a bit like a Valentine chocolates. It has some really pretty packaging, and it's pretty good, but in reality the chocolates are mediocre at best. If you create a sequel, spend a bit more time on making creative puzzles and you'll be looking great.

not too challenging but it was still pretty entertaining

Level 32

Awesome game!
Art-style, graphics, music, gameplay... everything top notch. The storyline is very new and humorous. Puzzles were really interesting and unique. Not so tough but fresh. Game mechanics are very smooth. The only thing missing is some medals. Nevertheless, a great game.

Art-style & graphics: 5/5
Music: 5/5
Gameplay: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

A very nice game by the team. Each and every member did the job perfectly. Keep up the good work guys!