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Reviews for "Above Average Guy"

yeah because i know that konami code by heart just for instances like this...
was fun but was really annoying to me, just started skipping levels so the audience would leave- i'm too under average to have an audience.
also, the sliding on the guy was annoying too.

Oh wow! this game was fun! this is the first time i actually finish a puzzle game! it was very interesting and the levels were fun! the music was catchy! animations and controls were smooth, everything i played was hilarious! it was indeed creative! because i had to think outside the box and the tips were very helpful! from the announcer guy! if it wasn't for him, id be stuck around level 9 ! anyways! thanks for creating such a amazing game! the whole game was compleated! so may contain spoilers!

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The graphics were lovely, but the puzzles were too easy and repetitive.

Several of the games mechanics actually change with the video quality, especially when trying to run across multiple surfaces without jumping. In fact, level 6 is impossible on low quality, for obvious reasons.

Besides that, "thinking outside the box" roughly translates to looking for the letter in parentheses or word in all caps. Combine that with the lackluster controls and it becomes a relatively disappointing blend of I wanna be the guy and the impossible quiz. I appreciated the atmosphere of it, but it feels incredibly unrefined.

very creative, but the controls are kinda slippery and sluggish.