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Reviews for "Above Average Guy"

I tried this twice and after the first level the controls get broken or something. The guy starts out and he won't stop jumping up and down. Then he won't move left or right until after you have pressed the buttons several times trying to get him to move. Usually he still keeps jumping up and down by himself but a couple times he stopped randomly and a couple times he started going to the right by himself. It's hard to describe because it is not very consistent other than after the first level he starts up jumping up and down and it takes a few seconds of pressing buttons to get him to move. It isn't just like the control is just lagging or something its just being really weird.

The game had some very good concepts and moments of fun. Although many puzzles are the same things I've seen other places. Listen, I know it's hard to come up with some decent puzzles when you're working with a simple platformer, but there's only so many times I can find 'mashing keyboard buttons to get the button that solves the puzzle.' enjoyable, even when it's not telegraphed. "yell for help" was entertaining, but not really engaging.

The 'graphics messed up' levels were some amount of challenge, trying to remember where platforms were in the second run, and the blocks appearing did add some nice flavor, but... having the blocks that prevent you from winning ran completely counter to the mechanics. The character floated and slid far to much for the precision that a couple of the levels demanded.

The other sticking point for me was that there were a couple of times that the game and incentives ran counter to each other. A difficult platformer is an experience of learning through failure. Level 29 comes to mind. Difficult platforming segment, but with penalty for failure. Things like level 40, it's hard, for me at least, to move the mouse at the same speed as the character in any game. not to mention level 26 being impossible when the game is muted.

BUT, enough being down, let's get positive. I wouldn't give you a rating of 4.5 if you gave me shit for a game. The music, the aesthetic, the game itself all felt good and was a treat to play. Finishing every level felt great when the announcer looked excited and the audience cheered. Level 42 was by far my favorite, because it actually called for some brainbending attentiveness I've not run across in a long time. Delicious difficulty.

And I've seen a lot of people get down on the final boss, Don't dare listen to 'em. As far as boss battles, this was awesome. The boss moved and continued to function throughout each stage in a consistent, clear manner, and there was absolutely nothing by way of Random Number Generation going on. RNG kills a game's enjoyability. Figuring out each stage and slipping in right at the weakpoint and anticipating the movement of each part there felt amazing as a player when a hit was landed.

That and the sheer cuteness of each character, from the backs of heads populating the audience, to the energetic announcer, to the number of cute and funny hats the contestants wore throughout. I played it through a third time during the course of writing this review, and still found myself smiling even though the challenge had left with nary a backward glance.

(TL;DR version)
The puzzles were mostly cliche'd keyboard and mouse manipulation, things done many times before, with a few exceptions that shone brightly in the mire. The movement as floaty and slippery, and sometimes that got in the way. The audience mechanic kind of felt an insult to injury when dying, and there would be a definite boon to having a few more rounds of beta testing. The last couple of levels were astounding, and the whole game aesthetic was a marvel to behold. A truly enjoyable game, and id did not overstay its welcome.

Are you AAG enough? 8D very fun game but oh sooo Very tricky sometimes...

good graphics
very fun
good music
good sound
cool game

Okay so you have a very pretty looking game and an interesting concept going, a wacky japanese game show complete with wacky death games, cool. Youve got that.

But what you dont have is a particularly great playing game. You can be doing really well in the game and then hit a level like level 39 which gives you absolutely no sign as to how you are supposed to beat it or a manner to figure out how to advance, you have to repeatedly kill yourself discovering the correct path and if you arnet particularly lucky this can lead to an empty audience before that happens. Really you just didnt give any actual visual or gameplay hints on how to proceed, the player WILL die the first time and the only way not to is to memorize the path. And dont get me started on the red block levels which, the blocks that are just a tad to small for the finnicky controls that this game has, there is no way to save oneselves once commited and half the time you will land on a red block that suddenly appears or you slip onto one because the controls arent precise enough.
You need to learn how to let players learn to play without constantly punishing them for mistakes they cant help but make.

The end boss was allright, using the bombs made sense to fire the cannons although it felt entirely due to luck because there wasnt really any way to lead the boss, he just zipped back and forth at random. Whats more I would of thought something liekt he bombs would of been used more in the game if it was going to be the central mechanic for the boss fight rather than just once early on in the game.

Overall nice concept and shows the promise of a good game.
But you fell to far into the idea of a harsh japanese game show while forgetting that those gameshows actually offer prizes and awards beyond completion to make that punishment worth it, when all you get is a congrats and a score that sort of thing just becomes tedium and lacks actual fun. Art style and music made it just about playable for its length though so you are doing at least that right.