Reviews for "MonsterGirl mini-game!"

I actually really enjoyed it for bein just a mini game to give a taste on what the game will be like, I understand why you made this and posted it here, posting on forums or websites to ask for support will only get you so far and you need to show off what the game may be like to get others into it, its simple and easy to understand, the look is very unique and looks amazing, reminds me a lot of your Ucogi games. 4.5/5 from me, only reason why not perfect 5 is because sometimes pressing the button is off but may just be me

Veinom responds:

thanks man... yes this is the best way to promote the real game, no hard in that. Some ppl might be interested and support MoGi Origins.

SPACE CLICK, I'm sorry but this game is just outright bad! You even dare to put in an ad after, I'm sorry but the music and the guy yelling out like he's taking a big shit is getting annoying. When you actually put time and effort into making a game and this is the outcome. What else can I say, *Sigh*
All I can say is don't rush and take your time. And for the voice acting, the only voice acting in the game please choose your voice actors wisely. Because they can either ruin your game or make it great. In this case it was the icing on the cake for this horrid game. Your game has many flaws and I hope you can tweak it in the future I give this a .5/10 because it's a horrible game and you need to choose better music and better voice actors in the near future. I'm sorry for being repetitive but it's the truth!

Veinom responds:

"How I dare put an ad?" lol, who are you the ad-police? How about becoming the troll-police and arrest yourself? This is a legit mini-game with loading, interactions and even multiple endings!
(yeah alright.. just 2 ^^;)

You joined NewGrounds at 1/20/14 which is today. You joined NewGrounds just to make this project fail. It's obvious that you are a hater. The things people do when they have hatred and nothing better to do....
Do something useful man.

Wow, this is, terrible. Not to mention just an ad.

So, why? This is an advertisement and as a game it's... really unneccessary as a game really. The art style is simple. It's smooth but its lacking details and it doesn't really come off too impressive. Now, I even went above and beyond, I checked out your game, it's okay. I've seen flash games done in a platforming style so it was kind of neat to see a platformer, but the "demo" level is really bland and the platforming is just simple hopping. There isn't nothing to combat at this point either. I see theres going to be different areas but if they're more of the same it's going to be dull.

Again, I went further, I checked out the crowdfunding page you have to fund this game. After looking through your stretch goals, I find it highly suspicious. From what I can tell you're basically stating that unless you hit 45K (Yes, you read that right $45,000) you aren't going to put the effort forward to finish the full game. That's really low, most stretch rewards are to add content, not just say "Hey, I guess we'll finish the entire game."

Also, after I went through all that, I came across something else.. weren't you involved with art theft from Diva Mizuki? In fact I found a link to it showing the traced source on the comments of the "Epic butt of Ucogi- animation" of your DeviantArt page.

For what you've posted, I find it bad. For what's it's promoting, I'll pass and recommend any thinking about it to stop and think on it for a day before deciding.

Veinom responds:

wow what a troll! Let me feed you just a bit.

1) This is just a minigame as the title says. Yes, it was made for promotional purpuses because we do need as much support as possible. You cant blame us for trying.

2) The demo shows a mix of things that will be expanded upon later. There wil be more stuff in it, obviously. This is like playingSuper Mario and saying "he only jumps".

3) 45k goal, thats a flat-out LIE! The game will be made even if we dont reach the initial funding, it would just be a smaller game. And even if that was the truth.. so what? Someone might as well ask for that kind of money, because games do cost money to be made you know.

4) "Involved with an art theft".... I think you confuse the Luvre Museum with the internet and Mona Lisa with Diva Mizuki. That was not an art theft, it was re-traced and re-vamped: hair and skirt animation was added. It was never stolen, I never went saying that I created Diva's ass and it's been 4 years now, move on! Besides Diva Mizuki was traced by another gif animation and also... THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING HERE!

You are just trying to undermine the demo of the initial game, for your own dark reasons.
That's all I can feed you. Go troll somewhere else now.

hot but would prefer more

Veinom responds:

Let me repeat myself:
Author's comments: "Crave for more? http://erogi.blogspot.com/"

I personally liked it! Looking forward for more ^-^