Reviews for "MonsterGirl mini-game!"

The artwork and the pace of the game is excellent. I wish good luck on your project.

Veinom responds:

awesome, thanks!

I like the artstyle but i'm confused. how do i play this game?
i tried doing what the directions said and can't figure out how to harm my opponent.
I will try the other demo later.

Veinom responds:

you just need to be a bit fast you you attack :P

I played the Mogi Origin Demo at the site. The game looks very promising. Planning to support it as soon as I pay my bills first. The site still have donation guys.

Veinom responds:

Thank you! :) :) :)

(reviewing the demo)
Hm... can say the gameplay as a whole is decent. Takes a little getting used to, but it seems to work well. Nothing too new, but it does add a seemingly slightly new side to things. Can't say too much else tbh, seems potentially promising from the demo. But I do hope it doesn't fail where all other fail: Have the female monsters only care about pleasuring the male. It's supposed to be a RoR game. If the females are only out to pleasure the male, it becomes a kinda retarded twist to the whole genre... as then you just have these girls with no seeming regard/aim for their own pleasure, just out to pleasure the male. While the male, just lies like cardboard, not really giving fuck, or overall enjoying it. Takes away about all the tension... like, if in a zombie game, they all just gave you a backrub if they caught you... so yeah, spicing things up a little character wise, and I think this could be neat. As of now the character feels a tad bit too flat in terms of reactions. Otherwise they're kinda okay as far as standard hentai game male #7 does.

It is neat that the game remembers where you placed stuff though. But yeah, I dunno what tone you aim for, but currently it seems to have a very brash, per se, male lead that is empowered. I didn't really feel like he was facing any threat, or had any reason to fear anything. The girls were just cum-hungry cardboard that wanted to rough you up a little. Still, it is a very well made game so far. (kick attack almost feels kinda pointless though xP) And does feel like the cum gauge should slowly drop. Kinda odd if he gets close, then can run 2 min, then cum.

But yeah, as a whole, seems promising. Can say some character design feels a bit odd, like the straw waists of the pumpkin chicks, or overall kinda flat (but fitting) design of the male.

Veinom responds:

I agree on all the things you mentioned and thank you for the deep feedback. These are things that will be added later on... you see the pumpkin-girls shouldnt be out this soon in the story; the demo just shows a mix of things from the game. I will PM you when I get some free time to ask you a few things.

Btw the cum gauge does drop down, slowly, so yeah all the things you mentioned are things we have considered and our decisions lean towards your preferences. Thank you for your suggestions :)

After playing the demo and this, i can only offer 5 stars.

Veinom responds:

For that, I will tell Alice to flash you her boobs and spare your life :P