Reviews for "MonsterGirl mini-game!"

I made a quik review of what goes around so I'll try to go in order:
1)Nice artwork;
2)Interesting concept and storyline;
3)When you finish the game in what form will you release it and where can we aquire it;
4)Even when you finish it will you update it withthe bonus content witch wasn't included from the firs donation attempt,but was met at a later date;
So thats the only thigs that I have to say and ask for now.If future questions arise or somethig elese is it all right to send a privete massege.I realy hope this projekt works out.But you and your team still are human so try to get some rest once in a while that way you may come up whit some new more interesting ideas.Wine tastes better with age,ideas become more ,how do you say,wider(?) with time.
Tank you for your time,I appologise for any spelling and grammer mistakes.
Have a nice and plesent day.

Veinom responds:

The game, once completed, will be downloaded in exe format from our blog and Ucogi.com which is where we post all our updates. Yes you may PM me if you got any questions, but the blog and Ucogi-forums is where we will reply faster. Thanks!

Needs less pumpkins , and more nudity :P

Monster girls are always better naked.

Veinom responds:

oh, she is naked alright! not wearing any clothes!

Not a bad game.
well. This reminds me a little bit of Legend of Dragoon from PSP. in the sense that, maybe the enemy can have a counter attack, and we need to press another button than spacebar.?

not bad. :)

Veinom responds:

You can also click on it with mouse ;)

nicely done can't wait for more

i have to admit it look promising, i do hope u complete this game, and think u can make it bit tricky, and even add different customes or something?
i think there should be achivement or something like get a perfect score or even have a secret boss or something just throwing it out there

Veinom responds:

Thanks fot the suggestions! As of now we have the gallery, adding achievement is a similar neat idea :)

secret boss? hmmm not bad!