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Reviews for "Taranaki"

I think your 2 and 4 count hits are clipping. You should bring the volume to come down a bit on those. Loved the bass, and the guitar melodies. Also a very cool intro. Honestly, this felt more like smooth jazz to me than hip hop at times, but either way I gotta say I liked it. And that last section that went all out Radiohead Kid A was pretty impressive too. So basically my only qualms are about the beat. First, that it was a bit too minimalist for the rest of the instrumentation, and second that I think your 2-4 is a bit loud. Otherwise this might be one of the better tracks I've heard on here.

phosphorusprocedure responds:

Thanks for the review! I definitely agree with you about the drums. I was in the process of moving files over from one computer to another, so I didn't have all my drum samples on me at the time I put this track together, so I did a beatbox and chopped it up so it'd go rhythmically, but it doesn't really have enough oomph to carry the track. And rooting out the source of the clipping was also a bit of a pain. I thought it was the bassline and turned that way down, but I guess it could be the snares too...

Glad you dug the reverse part. I took the chord progression and melody in FL Studio, used Horizontal Flip on them, and played that with my guitar so when I'd reverse it, it would have the same progression as in the rest of the track, except backwards. It took some time to line up the pieces correctly, but I think it sounds purty cool.

Again, thanks for the review!