Reviews for "Valthirian Arc 2"

Man this is flawless! A great interface, backgrounds, sounds, voices, dialog, character art, incredibly professional for a flash RPG! Wish there were some medals to reward completion, but there's really nothing to complaina bout with this. Awesome work!


this is a great game you have made it looks really professional. the graphics and interfaces are great. i would buy this game if there was more of it, keep up the good work you are really good at this

Better than the first.Make part 3.

One of the best out there. Your managing skills will be tested and your point-click skill will bloom. Have a time of your life. Play this game, please. This is a game that will surely be your best friend... I'm not saying you dont have any. A game that has great game play and simulation of a real school and students with the side of tasks and missions. There is only one problem, I need a hotkey for students. but im still giving you a 5/5 because this is the only game that got me really going.

Best game forever <3