Reviews for "Valthirian Arc 2"

Fucking superb, everything is spot on and meshes together seamlessly. If this was a downloadable title on Xbox, PS3, or 3DS then you would have my money in a heartbeat.

good job can't wait for the 3rd one if your thinking about it at all. any way keep it up.

I LOVED the first one! I never knew the sequel got released tho. !! *-*

this game has...everything ypu need on a game. Valthirian ark was my favorite flash game since it was pulished. But u overdid urselves herguys,it is just awesome. I mean, the characters wich are unique th e history the building and the fighting style gives tons of hours of fun . I wish i had a better computer so i could pla tthis as it is meant to. A great game and i hope to see a 3rd one, common!.

This game is lovely! I keep coming back to this every week. I just hope there will be a skip function when all the students are on errand quests. :D