Reviews for "Valthirian Arc 2"

all about this game 's good except A.I. control

Nice graphics but
needs medals.

Everything seems great except one problem, the hunts don't seem to work no matter who I select to use for them! I select "embark" & then "yes" & it doesn't do anything. A little help here?

I feel like the first one was better. Actually the first one is probably in my top 5 NG games of all time. Music was far better, combat felt more flowing and fast. Load times were pretty much absent. There are some bugs with the sound some time in this one. I'm not just sure about it... :/

:3 nice game i raelly like this more than the 1st one those sound effects are sooo cute , simulation game of having a school more now , just to ake sure wont start to be some sort of sim school thing , the art work hmm is good
the ai hmm not yet at full optential