Reviews for "Valthirian Arc 2"

YES! I was just thinking how I'd love for there to be a sequel to this game.

This is much more involved than the first one. I love the graphics and the fast movement. You've done very well!

So good, better than crystal story and Madness Project Nexus

Personally, i liked the second game more than the first one but i will never forget how fun and challenging was the first one.You should let the old mode,:"collect fame to superate the king's expectations" and the story mode...
Going more into the game analysis... Well... the artwork and the graphics are pleasant for a RPG game, i liked the gameplay but it gets boring after a certain time because if you have a good group of four students(green), nice talents and good equips you can do anything without having any difficulty.(and you will get a group of 4 students like that because you don't have to graduate they and you will probably graduate weaker students) The addictions that you did on this game(build option, talents, "green" students etc.) did it far more fun, i don't have any complains on the music,sound and voice, i liked they.The game would be SO INCREDIBLE if you let the survival mode with these improvements, but anyway, keep up the good work.


wow this game is awesome there is a few flaws but it is awesome anyways few thoughts for Valthirian Arc red covenant put in a feature where u can change your class in case u did not want that one and maybe put in a training feature where it can be accessed by the profile and maybe a relationship feature like relationship with students teachers and the principle and maybe one more class called forge where u can forge equipment in battle with held materials and the 2 classes that branch of is alchemist or blacksmith but these are ideas u dont have to use them but it might make the game better.