Reviews for "Valthirian Arc 2"

I love this game ! i love the one and i love the 2 x3 i wait the 3 xD

Yea this is way too addicting... I need to stop.... tomorrow...>.>... lol I like the flow of it. The fighting style is new to me but I like it a lot better than turn-by-turn. The characters don't all look exactly alike, that's another good thing. Overall pretty good from me =p

I LOVED the first one! I never knew the sequel got released tho. !! *-*

Amazing job! First thing that I want to point out is that the graphics are incredibly CUTE! I love how there's a lot of variety and different character looks in this game. It is much improved from your previous works. The animation is great too!

It gets addicting, and it's really nice to see your academy expand, there's many types of different challenges to choose from as well.

The number one thing that I think would improve this game would be some tutorials, to show the player how things work around the academy. When trying to upgrade the students to different classes, such as "Paladin" was confusing, I didn't know you had to "Upgrade" the Knight Training class to a Lvl. 2 in order to create the Church building for the Knight.

Here's some things i learned for those of you who get confused on this game:
- You could add a "Mentor" or teacher in the classes, the classes give you extra room for more students to be in your academy.
- Some Bosses in a Quest will NOT die no matter how high leveled your students are, UNLESS they are in the right job. (ex: Arquebusiers can only defeat Remy (boss) in the Rogue Quest, Paladins can't)
- Students w/ a green highlighted name means that they are "Talented"

*can someone tell me what Indigo/Genius students are? I can't seem to fine one..

all about this game 's good except A.I. control