Reviews for "Valthirian Arc 2"

great game

this game has...everything ypu need on a game. Valthirian ark was my favorite flash game since it was pulished. But u overdid urselves herguys,it is just awesome. I mean, the characters wich are unique th e history the building and the fighting style gives tons of hours of fun . I wish i had a better computer so i could pla tthis as it is meant to. A great game and i hope to see a 3rd one, common!.

This is an awsome game! even better than the first! ... too bad my computer runs so slowly it can't respond normally for me to enjoy playing it :/ i would love to have a fast paced computer to play this game!

This game is great!
It's very addicting

Not sure just me or everyone but I found a bug
Where one of the students just walk away without me clicking
And then the others left to fight ;-;
It happens only once so I think it's just me

& also, great work!

what a fun game i really enjoyed playing it this needs a sequel! ^^