Reviews for "Valthirian Arc 2"

I have to say. This game has so much potential in terms of Valthirian Arc as a whole. If it was ever made to be a true game (not to say this isn't) however I haven't seen ANYTHING like this. If you added more customization options and threw 2-3 years worth of work with a team. This could be an amazing game. I'd throw my money at you.

This game is too addictive D:
The goal of the game is nice, it's easy to understand and play, but I find myself with too many things to do, and not enough time to do them ;p

I really love this game, play it whenever I have nothing to do. I was thinking that this would be a perfect mobile game, if you ever want to make a third one it should definitely be on phones. Thanks for the great game :D

Real great game, I hope there is to be a third one and for me to get a better computer!

an amazing game but i got some suggestions
1. controlling
its really bad that you cant control people in the academy so can you add this, it will help us a lot
2. upgrading
can you have a feature to upgrade the canteen to increase the income
if u add this i would be happy with this game
thanks for reading