Reviews for "Valthirian Arc 2"

Wish it had hotkeys for recruiting and quests.

This game is really addictive. The mix type of gameplay is really entertaining and pleasant.
Some details in the control could be better. For example making the spacebar the hotkey of the ultimate would be great or add a command to select all the characters cause sometime they just flee away or engage inconvenient fight.
Also you could create something like a preference option in the recruitment section. so who could add some criteria for the stat, the gender even the look of the future students.
I spend literally 7 hours in a row on this game and didn't see the time pass.
So why only 3 stars?
Well if I exclude some laggy phase or the mission of the tournament which bug everytime.
Well it's in fact that the save never worked.
I always lose all my progression, it's really frustrating.
So this game really need a BIG and clear save button.

The controls could be better and the game needs more info, but this is a good game.

OMG the drakes are really strong but hey the game has large improvements great job

This game is really addicting, with an easy to follow formula and good-looking character sprites.
Some of my only complaints are that it seems i keep constantly getting glitches or bugs whenever i finish a hunt, but maybe that's just my computer, and can someone tell me how to actually save the game? Because i looked all over the menus and couldnt find a single save option anywhere, and if someone can answer this id be really thankful.