Reviews for "Valthirian Arc 2"

Totally Love it!!! Great Game!!

Epic game!
very addictive, Nice graphics, design and concept! Great Job!
However , it would be awesome if we could make our very own student! Change hair, eyes, and roll stats and more. Improve him and make him be the principal, and exemplar student or an brat or something. And i Dont like much Superdeformed..haha, but thats my opnion

Best game forever <3

Great story line, art, and etc. Everything's in place, except that this game needs some hotkeys for attacks and grouping the party together just like SHIFT from Valtharian Act (1) and SPACE BAR for ultimate for example. I also have to mention some bugs going on along with laggy phases. Not only does this game need a bit more fixes but also a save button.

Now if we leave out the bad parts, there's at least some room for props going on for having more dialogue included in the story line! Consider that a huge improvement. Even though there's some problems going on with the game, this game is still recommended to be a good game to play on, at least once in a while :). GJ to the creator BTW.

Great Game!