Reviews for "Valthirian Arc 2"

I played the first game and may I say this, this game is so much diffrent from the first. I played until the Acadamy was at level 3 and I need like 200,000 dollars to get everything I want. It is so hard, but I'm glad you kept the normal macanics (Hunt Quest or Errand Quest).

This is one interesting game. Who would've thought that being a principal in a fantasy RPG academy can be addicting?

This game has a nice gameplay thanks to the balance of "Ville" style in which you need to build, upgrade, and maintain an academy and RPG style in which you do.. RPG stuffs like leveling and questing. Also, the fact that it has cute graphics and interactions between students combined with okay story arcs makes it even more addicting. There are also lots of other stuffs need to be monitored like talents, stats growth, and equipments.

It has its problems though. The game info doesn't cover enough info, there are very few character and monster sprites(recolors sucks), not enough story arcs, and the controls are not very convenient. It is still kind of hard to compare students, check instructors, and all of those things because the shortcut and menu are not very user-friendly.

Overall, this game is quite interesting. It gets repetitive after a while, but it will not matter much because you will still get sucked into playing it for hours and hours.

It is satisfying to see that there are nice Indonesian-made games out there.

My final exam is coming. What I've done is nothing but addicting this game !!!

one of the best game i have seen on newgrounds. Thought it gets repetitive at some point, I still enjoyed it a lot. I wonder if we'll see a third one....

Love the game. Played for 3 days straight. Unfortunately there's no more arcs to be played. Downside is the in depth game.

To this point I still do not know who the Genius is... Is it those with a Blue or Yellow background?