Reviews for "Valthirian Arc 2"

how do you save

Congrats I heard Valthirian Arc was on Switch!

The best game I love it!

This game is lovely! I keep coming back to this every week. I just hope there will be a skip function when all the students are on errand quests. :D

wow this game is awesome there is a few flaws but it is awesome anyways few thoughts for Valthirian Arc red covenant put in a feature where u can change your class in case u did not want that one and maybe put in a training feature where it can be accessed by the profile and maybe a relationship feature like relationship with students teachers and the principle and maybe one more class called forge where u can forge equipment in battle with held materials and the 2 classes that branch of is alchemist or blacksmith but these are ideas u dont have to use them but it might make the game better.