Reviews for "Legend of Krystal vG"

It has high re-playability, the scenes are awesome, different story paths depending on jobs, and I just love this! After playing a few times I wish there were a few add ons, such as audio. I would had loved to see a darkwolf (or darkwolves :D) that you could interact with in the forest after Krystal spares them. Another thing I'd had loved would be an extended calender, where I could play past 12 seasons. Although those are just things I'd had liked to have seen after enjoying the game already.
I can't give it a 5 yet, it's missing audio, which isn't super important, but it would had helped the game I feel. And really that's the only small issue I had with this game. So keep up the good work and I'd love to see another Krystal game sometime in the near future!

Akimas if you want to beat the wolves then what you want to do is use the color on the bottom of the screen that you have been training. I wonder if anyone has been able to do all of the story related actions. So far only four of them

It was decent enough, had story to keep it flowing. Overall pretty swell.

Apparently sleeping all three years makes you a pirate.

wanted more overall good game