Reviews for "Legend of Krystal vG"

aaaah krystal... my first furry crush...

It's cool but without a walkthrough its hard to discorver the endings

Definitely asking for a Sequel here ! great game 5 Stars

First two times, I got a C rank ending (Whore and Adventurer), but on the third time, I got an S+ ending (Asura, Destroyer of Worlds).

One problem with the game is that unfortunately your choices don't seem to matter at first. Whether you pick Yes or No, the cutscene ends the same. Whether I chose to negotiate with the wolves or wipe them out, we still succeeded in rescuing the girl. But after getting the S+ ending, I found out that depending on how you make a choice can impact how the ending plays out.

For example, during the Asura ending, I got Krystal impregnated by a wolf and chose to give into the demon at the temple. The demon's energy corrupted the child, causing her to become possessed. But without a proper guide for the game, it's hard to tell what decisions get which results.

Otherwise it's a fun game to beat the meat you!

The game won't let me do anything more than walk. :-(