Reviews for "Legend of Krystal vG"

Ah so like, it freezes at "but what became of krystal"

the save file is blank, starts at day 1 and krystal is permanently pregos.

This game is damn good. I love i, and enjoy it very much! Hoping though that there would be a game mechanic that lets you go back to a scene in just a click. Hoping it would happen to a next installation if there is tho...

I loved it, i got rank C whore, I strived for this ending just so I could "enjoy" the game. Overall a nice long relaxing mind numbing game, 9/10 would play again.

I'm still really impressed with this game, even after 3 years.

I just started playing this game, again, this week, but when ever I am done my last session, I'm stuck at the announcement that asked what path she ultimately choice—thus, meaning, I can't she what I ranked. I tried doing the session multiple times, but I always end up in this predicament. The rest of the game works fine.

Great game, used to play it quite a bit.

I came back to play it again, but for some reason when I loaded the game it was stuck with the scene of Krystal sitting on the bed, where you're supposed to make your schedule and all that. I can't interact with it at all by this point. I click but nothing happens.
Don't know what the problem is or how to fix it, so that sucks. Hopefully author has some suggestions.