Reviews for "Legend of Krystal vG"

love the game. Got a B rank cause I mostly did temple work and told the spirits to fuck off xD

My game is without sound ;-;

Holy Moly!

I was the one of those people who played this in alpha version.

I cannot belive that i didn't see this here

It was a really good experience, 4 star beacuse dialogues wasn't that much good for me.

Ah so like, it freezes at "but what became of krystal"

the save file is blank, starts at day 1 and krystal is permanently pregos.

This game is damn good. I love i, and enjoy it very much! Hoping though that there would be a game mechanic that lets you go back to a scene in just a click. Hoping it would happen to a next installation if there is tho...