Reviews for "Legend of Krystal vG"

It has high re-playability, the scenes are awesome, different story paths depending on jobs, and I just love this! After playing a few times I wish there were a few add ons, such as audio. I would had loved to see a darkwolf (or darkwolves :D) that you could interact with in the forest after Krystal spares them. Another thing I'd had loved would be an extended calender, where I could play past 12 seasons. Although those are just things I'd had liked to have seen after enjoying the game already.
I can't give it a 5 yet, it's missing audio, which isn't super important, but it would had helped the game I feel. And really that's the only small issue I had with this game. So keep up the good work and I'd love to see another Krystal game sometime in the near future!

I like this game, I plan on finding all the endings, but I believe that this is the worst of your three games, and Dusty's Castle is the best. The movement is awful honestly, and the dialogues could use a bit of touch up. The sex scenes are great, and I love how you can get different paths in the game. This game is 3.5 stars to me right now, but if you just touch up on it a little bit you could easily make this a great 5 star game.

it got porn and it got story, a GREAT story. Adding multiple endings made it even more brilliant. though it would be great to make krystal's movement a little faster, adding music and sounds would also bring up the characters' life in the game.

I hope there will be a sequel to this brilliant game because it is ACE!!

I dont usually write reviews for games like this. but I LOVE this one. maybe its because Im a scalie at heart or whatever, but this game is Great. I would Really love to see a Sequel to this game. Maybe a spin off with the lizard people. I would Love to make my own lizard man and breed and make lizard babies with all the lusty argonian maids...I have problems I know...Keep up the great work!

I've been playing these games since the first buggy one.
It always said that it was not done and that the code was free for anyone to edit, augment, create as they wanted. I always wondered when a finished (or near finished) version would be made. Then I see this in my email of favorite authors. I am happy with the game and enjoy playing it, I've played it like six times so far getting different endings each time.
The main thing I wish was a feature is an accolade feature that way we could go and see which endings we already have and work towards the one's we don't.
Still really like this game though, awesome.