Reviews for "Legend of Krystal vG"


Is their a way to beat the wolves?
any way i love this game 5 out of 5

I enjoyed this game but wish it had Medals to earn, sound, the ability to replay wearing outfits you already unlocked, keeping your stats for replay, and more conversations then the same thing over and over till it is for a special event.

But already still a fun game to play but can get boring once you done it like 3 times and only gotten three different endings.

OH MY GOD I love this game! I played it again and again and as of this post have seen ALL the "Ignored work to have sex" scenes (but not all possible routes and ranks). This is a pretty well thought out game. Some can say it needs sound but I was fine with it quiet like this. Would love to see a sequel, where Krystal lives out her days here (as is the case in some of the endings I got)

I can't seem to get past the scene with the two girls on the bed. I've clicked everywhere and restarted a few times. I have even tried using the keyboard as well. Nothing works. Glad everyone seems to be enjoying it.