Reviews for "Legend of Krystal vG"

guys i cant load the game when i press play the screen is blank any help please?

I agree with Crews-Ship, it was a great game overall. The flaws could be tweaked to make it better, but the replay value is almost too high to even be considered terrible. Yes, this does need an extended version I think, but I am totally satisfied with this version. Two thumbs up. =D

I love it! Out of the two "Legend of Krystal" games, this one is the better by a long shot. That's not to say it's perfect; I've yet to see a perfect game. Nonetheless, this is a stellar H-flash, and here's why.
+ Major improvements regarding story. Some is still better than none, but you went the extra mile, and made the game make sense.
+ No more mashing the cheat button or farming sex scenes for progression! Yay for common sense!
+ Lots of different scenes, and even a few hidden ones if you're diligent enough to find them.
+ Can't forget the most important thing: it's damn hot. ;D

- No sound? It's not a major flaw, but it's one I've heard before. I didn't count off for it, though; sometimes, I just want to listen to some Wolfmother while I 1-UP, and you can't do that with VadimGoD's games.
- I. Fucking. Hate. Walking! I don't know how you might improve on this, but why do I have to spend five minutes watching fluffle-butt walk to the temple? Seriously though, most of the play-time for this game is walking around town.
- Three years is an okay amount of time, and given the game's structure, it's plenty of H for the average guy. Still, I'd appreciate an endless option. Or better yet, upon completing the game, there could be a "Less Bullshit" mode. Just a thought.

All said, it's an awesome game. If you can even call it a game; it's more of a "pick your own movie". Still, pretty awesome. 4.5/5

The steel sword was from skyrim! I bet you could have done a more original sprite for it.

"I'm getting the guard" "Pffft You think they will believe you, outsider, over me?" I'M THE CAPTAIN OF THE GUARD YOU INCOMPETENT MORON

but yeah, this is great, keep up the good work