Reviews for "Legend of Krystal vG"

Can't Open It

i can't open at all. please help

cant play it, it just went to whitescreen the hole time

The game is great. I think the maximum job/career choices you can fully complete is 3 or maybe 4 depending on the order you do them. Maid is the fastest and shortest path and allows you to gain greater experience in all other jobs except guard path. I usually get at least 2 storylines done. The only way you only complete 1 is if you take the armory/guard path. The trick is minimizing days off, stressed out days and planning around the attacked by wolves days.
I like many others would like a way to continue after the story ends or sandbox the game to behave as if it never ended. I think it'd be cool also to take different outfits that you were awarded and be able to swap between them.

I am having a problem with the game. Once I am in the game itself I can not click on any of the options. I have reloaded the page a couple times and I have read other Comments to see If others have had this problem aswell. I did see a few people saying they are having White screens and that It won't load. But only a few other people seem to have the same problem I am having.

Onto my rating. I can not rate the game as of right now, for I have yet to be able to Actually play it.
But I have rated a 3.5 For a simple reason. I have played many other LoK games and I like most of them. From what I can see as of right now, it would seems to be one of the best, Again I can not say that For I have not played it yet. But I have high hopes for this game, And I really want to play it. Once I have actually played the game I will re4view the game again To see if it lives up to my expectations.