Reviews for "Legend of Krystal vG"

Its a great game, but it could really do with a gallery

The game image quality is extremely good. Also, the story line is very interesting. However, two big things: no gallery (which I would say it's kinda of a must have for adult games, and this is the main reason why I give it a 3 star) and the time is too short to enjoy the full game experience. I'm actually OK with having no sounds, since the well made dialogs make up for it.

This was really fun but long took me five games to get another Rank than C i got the A Rank :Drug Lord :)
I rated it 4 stars because theres some basic stuff that would make the game better.
Ex: other species (not only fox) and also a color tab to customize your characters color. That is what I think about the game

interesting got her libido 6,66 haha mr.satan woulda been proud form leo and satan :)

How can i fix my mouse it wont click anything please help?