Reviews for "Legend of Krystal vG"

This is very perfect and I do like the perfect path's that Krystal takes on this game and I especially love the spots were she even get's pregnant though I do sometimes love giving advice as well to others I just want to share it with others as well and perhaps I just want to share some idea's on either art or games but I REALY LOVE HOW THIS GAME IS ON IT'S PREGNANCY LEVEL FOR KRYSTAL.

Of all the games that Gorepete has made, this is the only one without some form of gallery. And I really think this game needs it, considering how tedious this game can be.
While the sex scenes are pretty good, the relatively small reward of simply getting to see a scene once, then having to start the game over to see it again is a bit of an unnecessary hassle, in my opinion.

I like this game. Too much :D

Is it possible to get pregnant at the first encounter with the wolves ? And if yes, it would have been cool to see the hybrid baby I think.

Why this game don't have any soundtrack ?