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Reviews for "NG BBS Awards 2013"

Tom should've won in all categories! At least the biggest attention whore (man, all those top threads! Even on the front page!) XD
Good game, useful for people like me who doesn't use the BBS a lot but likes to know who's hanging around on the site.

Cyberdevil responds:

lmao, rookie of the year would still have to be someone else though. :P Good to hear not only BBS regulars get something out of this, thanks for commenting!

Very good game :D

Cyberdevil responds:

Thanks! :D

I dont even know who these people are, looks like i found one game i cant completely medal in. Obligatory high score because I always give in to peer pressure.

Cyberdevil responds:

Just browse around the awards section for answers, they're all there. :) Thanks!

SG64 stole the show. Of course.
Great going with this great flash.

Cyberdevil responds:

That he did! Thanks.

That song being used every year now? Great, I love it! I shall now talk about the awards.

Funniest User - Seriously Newgrounds? Seriously?
Biggest Attention Whore - I am not shocked.
Drama Queen - Another good choice.
Never Logs Off - Gagsy had a good run.
I Miss Yew - Good, very good.
Master Creator - Didn't expect to see Tom there.
Rookie of the Year - He is a '12er. He is invalid.
Most Improved - I'll agree.
Biggest Spammer - Hella agree.
Most Overrated - Lots of awards for Ghandi.
Most Underrated - I probably put JackHo but Sense is a great choice!
Worst Mod - But pox isn't Mal so how did he win?
Best Mod - stafffighter is cool.
Worst Poster- Another award for Ghandi.
Best Poster - Yurgen deserved this award.
Worst Username Change - Should I be happy I didn't win?
Thread Awards - Good choices NG.

Now onto the quiz!

The quiz was fun. I only got 20 plus the bonus right but it was fun nevertheless. Maybe I shall win something next year.

Cyberdevil responds:

Yeah, gotta stick to tradition! :) I was planning to include the throwdown track too (it's been used in older games, for mini-games etc) but it was much easier with just one track playing continually. Kinda overpowers some of the sound effects though...

Nice analysis/review! Maybe time to enforce some rules on who can be nominated for rookie huh... though since he did sign up at the end of 2012 he didn't have much of a chance at it back then. Username change... you've changed your name? I should probably know this, but wonder what your last one was?

20's not bad! With more research it shouldn't be impossible for anyone to get a perfect score either... if you want the medals that is. :P Next year!