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Reviews for "FamousPaintings Parodies2"

As long as we're correcting spelling errors:

Velazquez (you spelled this right in one place, but wrong in another)

Question: How do you get the "Stone Age Viewer" medal?

Munguia responds:

thanks, spelling errors fixed, :)

Nice improve after the first one, i'd like to see and play more. The interlude with that "odd-one-out" thing is nice here, too. There were some different variations of paintings, which were included in part 1 - i'd love to see more different pictures of not yet used paintings. Well done and thanks!

This was a fun quiz! And it's not just the questions that are great, there's so much great art too. And medals for each one! I appreciate the 3D glasses view, took a while before I tried one out to see what it did, and it turns out they're great hints, not to mention fun comparisons to the parodies. The puns are always present when you get a glimpse at the past. Great graphics, sound, controls, great game!


Munguia responds:

Thanks Cyberdevil, Im glad you like the Game, :)

Nice one dude! It helped people who never interested in art like me feel excited about them ^^! I learned a lot about arts thanks to your game :)