Reviews for "FamousPaintings Parodies2"

Good, but it's Michelangelo, not Michael Angelo :)

Munguia responds:

thanks for your report, fixed too

Well I liked the last one and this one isn't much different. The hidden stars and bonus questions were a nice touch. If I have any complaints though, it's that some of the paintings were reused from the previous game. A good problem to have, I guess, because I'd like to see more.

I liked the first one and this one too. Creativity super! Really fun. Although the medals did not work for me.

liked it

I like this, it's distinctive from the other games here on Newgrounds, and the art is cute. I like that it does get progressively more difficult, but for the most part it's about knowing the artists' individual styles rather than being familiar with the paintings themselves, so I gave it a point off for that. There were a couple paintings I didn't recognize and felt I should have gotten them wrong but was able to blindly guess, which is typical of any multiple choice game, but still, I feel like people shouldn't get away with that kind of thing.