Reviews for "FamousPaintings Parodies2"

This was a fun quiz! And it's not just the questions that are great, there's so much great art too. And medals for each one! I appreciate the 3D glasses view, took a while before I tried one out to see what it did, and it turns out they're great hints, not to mention fun comparisons to the parodies. The puns are always present when you get a glimpse at the past. Great graphics, sound, controls, great game!


Munguia responds:

Thanks Cyberdevil, Im glad you like the Game, :)

Oh man, I really liked the first part of this, and this one is as good as the former.

I love how clever these famous painting remakes are, I'd like to give my kudos to the artists who made them.

LOL game

Great game!

I actually thoroughly enjoyed this game...! If only art history courses approached final exams in a similar manner! ;D

Music got a little irritating after about 10 minutes, but that's my only qualm.