Reviews for "FamousPaintings Parodies2"

ita good quiz but dang that music in it is giving me and my friends a headache when we play it u should have chosen some relaxing music for the rest u did good i supose

Fun game and the hidden stars thing was a good little thing to do, took me 4 tries to get every medal but well worth it.

Yes! i have a mega mind, it helps a lot that the styles of the authors differ so much from one to another.
Great flash and parodies by the way.

Well I liked the last one and this one isn't much different. The hidden stars and bonus questions were a nice touch. If I have any complaints though, it's that some of the paintings were reused from the previous game. A good problem to have, I guess, because I'd like to see more.

As long as we're correcting spelling errors:

Velazquez (you spelled this right in one place, but wrong in another)

Question: How do you get the "Stone Age Viewer" medal?

Munguia responds:

thanks, spelling errors fixed, :)