Reviews for "Jumping Long"

same as neokyol there should be a bit more upgrades for the game

I found this to be a pretty good game. I was quite turned off by the artwork. It just wasn't impressive at all for me. I think the gameplay is actually fairly well done. I do like how it is fairly easy to advance and break your previous records, albeit not by much. The medals and achievements were nice touches.

This guy looks really oriental on the thumb nail. Maybe it would have been more suited for being around the Olympics. It was nice to hear the cheering. I wasn't quite sure if I had to press space at first. It's a decent layout.

Funny, more upgrades would be better since I only used 2 to beat the world record. I like that advertisement only appears when you foul the jump.

Perhaps adding more upgrades that are much more effective, along with a "Money Multiplier" upgrade(Limited). But giving us unlimited upgrades will add the addictive nature of the game for players to be extremely competative such as unlimited ammount for speed and jumping distance, but the rest are limited. People WOULD enjoy that competative element into it.

The game's concept is pretty good, but lacks some fundamental "Trainings" that you should be able to do to help train your stats. Maybe do training selects to increase your statistics, and then buy upgrades with cash you earn would be separate.

Overall, the game deserves around 3.5 Stars. I would like to see this game get improved.

Alright, this game has a great concept idea, a flash game about sport.. that is not a bad idea at all. The game hasn't got any music, can be beaten in 10min, it's very easy and enough challenging. And those unsless ADV before you jump.. other rewiers are right: those are annoying. Just put it before you click play and that's it.
Anyway the game should have more game modes, like sandbox or paradox. Paradox = (for example) you can upgrade more the speed, the jump, and the angles.. and jump like 500m or run at 230mph.. wouldn't that be interesting? The overall is 2 & 1/2 stars. But don't worry.. it's right in the middle! Anyway, keep up the work like this and you can get better.