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Reviews for "Jumping Long"

Best jump was 10.712 m.

Pretty good, I like upgrade games like this generally.

one of the best games I ever played so far in 2014 !!

same as neokyol there should be a bit more upgrades for the game

I found this to be a pretty good game. I was quite turned off by the artwork. It just wasn't impressive at all for me. I think the gameplay is actually fairly well done. I do like how it is fairly easy to advance and break your previous records, albeit not by much. The medals and achievements were nice touches.

This guy looks really oriental on the thumb nail. Maybe it would have been more suited for being around the Olympics. It was nice to hear the cheering. I wasn't quite sure if I had to press space at first. It's a decent layout.

Funny, more upgrades would be better since I only used 2 to beat the world record. I like that advertisement only appears when you foul the jump.