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Reviews for "Jumping Long"

Well, I got to admit, this game is good. The controls are very accurate, the animation is smooth (though the art leaves much to be desired), but my only problem is this: How did anyone manage to get over 10,000 meters in this game? Best I got is 10.705 meters. Plus the lackluster art. Eh well, 9/10.

danishgoel responds:

Thank you very much for the kind words.

The 10k meters score is certainly a hacked one. I am using all the best practices of both encrypting the score at runtime and in storage. Don't know how someone managed to post a hacked score :/

An interesting little game, but the graphics are not very impressive to say a least, and ads were a little more aggressive than it should be. But I stil liked the gameplay - it's interesting and short in a good way, and upgrades work just as they should be (without any tedious upgrade/coin griding as and excuse for fake longevity). I don't usually like games like these (there is too much of them on Newgrounds), but I definitely enjoyed this one - just make a slightly better graphics next time, and use less ads :)

Seems hammered out quickly just for a platform to display the advertisement.

danishgoel responds:

I am sorry you feel that way. This game took considerable time and effort to make and balance.

Hopefully you enjoyed it.

entertaining!! but ad is so agressive

First ad foremost, ads during a game? Now for the review...

This game is entertaining and works well enough, but it's not really much to look at; the art lacks style and cohesiveness. I generally enjoy these short upgrade style games, but this one wasn't particularly rewarding. Generally, this game is fine for passing a few minutes, and I always like games with medals, but there are much better versions of this out there.