Reviews for "Jumping Long"

Extremely generic and derivative, with terrible art to round it out.

There's a lag on input for the jump that increases with speed upgrades.

congratulations danishgoel you maked a awesome game, i beat the world record :)
I´ll say again, congratulations i enjoyed so much

fun game and i like the upgrading games

Well, I got to admit, this game is good. The controls are very accurate, the animation is smooth (though the art leaves much to be desired), but my only problem is this: How did anyone manage to get over 10,000 meters in this game? Best I got is 10.705 meters. Plus the lackluster art. Eh well, 9/10.

danishgoel responds:

Thank you very much for the kind words.

The 10k meters score is certainly a hacked one. I am using all the best practices of both encrypting the score at runtime and in storage. Don't know how someone managed to post a hacked score :/

An interesting little game, but the graphics are not very impressive to say a least, and ads were a little more aggressive than it should be. But I stil liked the gameplay - it's interesting and short in a good way, and upgrades work just as they should be (without any tedious upgrade/coin griding as and excuse for fake longevity). I don't usually like games like these (there is too much of them on Newgrounds), but I definitely enjoyed this one - just make a slightly better graphics next time, and use less ads :)