Reviews for "Sentry Knight"

I give this game a 4 stars. The graphics, music/sound and gameplay is phoenominal, like the sequel, but, a problem is that the game is a bit... too general. Unlike the sequel, this game doesn't have a damage indicator (HP Bar Limit), a difficulty bar and a basic enemies. Either way, this game is nice, but doesn't defeat the sequel.

This game is awesome, 10/10 would play again!

This was a amazing and fun game to play. I had fun all the way through fighting monsters and bosses. The game is about how your a archer who is defending a tower from being broken by monsters. You have to shoot the monsters with your bow and use magic to defeat them all. You earn gold which can be used to upgrade your bow,arrows,magic and tower defense. Everytime you level up or get 3 stars you get a talent point. These can be used to get magic in 3 diffrent branches, Fire,Ice and Demon. I chose mostly fire and a little bit of demon. The first thing I noticed is the difficulty of the game. This game will challenge you as a gamer yourself. It is very hard and I've lost more times I can count now. All of the spells are diffrent and unique in there own ways. My personal favorite is the fire mini-volcano. You also have passives you can get increasing fire-rate and damage of the arrows, etc. The only thing I dont like is how you have a very small amount of levels to play. If you ever make a sequel to this you should add alot more levels. So in all I think this game is a very good game. Thanks for making it <3

i'll try to keep my points tight and short
- couple more levels would be nice
- why do i have to press space to make an upgrade midgame after it paused me? plz make it automatically jump to the upgrades or just let me choose the time to do that with a small reminder in some corner
- has anybody ever not jumped from one wave to the next? while i was playing, it wouldn't have made any difference, if the guys came in 5 waves or in one huge.
- needs some balancing. arrow upgrades are pretty much worthless in comparison to all the spells. limiting the spells to 5 active ones is not enough. 3 spells are more than enough for me, personally. you'd rather make the spell cooldowns last longer. like, much longer. especially the cheap ones and even between them the ice and demon-tree is much stronger than fire. my normal arrows being able to burn, drain life from and freeze the enemies is pretty damn op tho. you might make these upgrades cost 2 points each.
all in all, i liked the game, but i couldn't really enjoy the game a second time because of knowing the "best" (or at least much better than the way i usually take) way to upgrade my stuff

This was a really great game, so far enjoying every minute of it. Instead of just a classic TD style there is a really innovative game play aspect I've not experienced before. Great music, ambience, style, graphics, and menus further add to the gameplay experience. Being free is great too.