Reviews for "Rodman vs Kim: One on One"

luls love the korea times when u win

DBuck-Eye responds:

I love the Korea Times every day. It's the best newspaper ever.

I have a strategy, When the game begins push Kim to his field (right field) and score a basket, keep pushing it so it does not touch the ball throughout the game, ready, you won . I never tire of this game ^^

DBuck-Eye responds:

I'm glad that you liked it :)

HA! 18-13 with a giant, fat check in the Win column. So I might have pinned Dear Great Leader against the 'wall' behind the basket and exploited the proximity steals to drill in three baskets at the end, but that, my friends is what America, at least once upon a time, stands for. Rewarding ability and innovation over providing for existing.

Capitalism - 1
Rigged Communism - 0

Thank you, thank you...

Great game, nice time waster and it is kind of funny to see what looks like a black and yellow flubber chase you around the court...

5 stars for FREEDOM!!!

I won 25-7, and yet the news said it was cancelled at the last minute.

Sounds like North Korea doesn't wanna admit they lost to Rodman.

5/5, 10/10, would play against N. Korea again.

Fun and funny game. However, half a star off for the inconsistency of Kims playing. The guy'll miss a two pointer only to effortlessly make a hail Mary shot. Though who am I to understand the way of the Dear Leader?