Reviews for "Rodman vs Kim: One on One"

I am pretty bad at basketball in real life, so I also turned out to be pretty bad at it in a video game too. I really liked the simplisic graphics. I came up with a prety good strategy. You mostly just have to outrun him. You see, he really is a lot shorter (duh), so you have that advantage. Kim Jong Il was a fan of basketball too.

Let's hope this guy doesn't kidnap a movie director like he did. Or worse, kidnap a basketball player. It wasn't that well detailed, but that was not the point. The sounds were pretty good. I'm glad to know the politics behind all this.

DBuck-Eye responds:

I'm glad that you liked it!

Great Game!!! :))

DBuck-Eye responds:

Thanks! :)

you must live in north korea

DBuck-Eye responds:

Cause I would totally have access to Newgrounds there!

Awesome game! I think you should build on this game- make a new one with the same one on one gameplay, but different characters with abilities, speed, etc. Also, it would be interesting if you could do an online multiplayer (play with someone on newgrounds) and a local multiplayer mode!

How to shut out Kim- you have to get the ball first, then score asap. When Kim gets the ball, push him into a corner and just keep holding the right arrow to keep him in. The shot clock should stay at 10, because possession keeps changing. Do the same on the second have and you win!

DBuck-Eye responds:

There is a lot more I could add to this game. Maybe I will come back to it some day.

Yes! I finally shut out Kim! XD
This game is hilarious. Reminds me of the old Double Dribble game on NES.
You should make another basketball game where you can foul the other player(s) and spectators with the ball, chairs, and anything else that happens to be lying around. Maybe even decapitate someone and use their head as the ball hehe.
Anyway, this is a great addition to your style of flash games.
I'll be keeping an eye out for your next project.
Keep up the great work!

DBuck-Eye responds:

Hey, thanks for th- wow, that got dark...