Reviews for "Rodman vs Kim: One on One"

i really liked the simple controls, gfx, and gameplay all wrapped around a really interesting and bizarre world-event. it's like eating bacon-wrapped shrimp while reading the news, interesting.

DBuck-Eye responds:

That was the exact metaphor that I was going for!

it was a good game concept, with a really intriguing idea (dennis VS kim? amazing, and real-life event too!). also, the game had simple, 8-bit graphics, but imo, this made it all the better.
i coudl even imagine the SNES or nintendo, or the mega-saturn box-art and commercials for the game, lol.

anyway, a good little game, and even it's INSANE difficulty marks just how much that even in basketball, the rules are made so that lil'kim wins (lol).
anyhow, a good little game.
i wonder tho, how can you get the ''much obliged'' medal? or the ''shut down'' one?
good game, overall.
it was funny.
do more stuff.

DBuck-Eye responds:

I'm glad you liked it, and I make games when I can. "Much Obliged" is just by visiting my site or AVClub.com. For "Shut Down D", you need to beat Kim without him scoring a single point. Good Luck!

This game is actually shit, I mean, you cannot take the ball from him NEVER at least he's not shooting, and he could shot like 3 time repeatly under the basket.

DBuck-Eye responds:

Uh, sorry?

Nothing too new. No mute button, no restart button, ridiculously unfair bot enemy and the shut down medal is just pure luck and not worth the frustration.
The endings are very well made, but that's about the only positive thing (for me).

DBuck-Eye responds:

You can press '0' (the number) to mute the game, sorry about the no reset, and I'd say there's some strategy to the Shut Down Medal (there's actually a YouTube video that shows how to do it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrEaseBOrc4

is it just me or does kim's score go up even when he aint making baskets? i scored like three in a row when it started but he was still ahead of me without making 1 basket??

DBuck-Eye responds:

Well, he does get more points per shot, (and also gets a point if you get a shot clock violation). Plus, I'll admit that the rim collision detection isn't perfect, so for fast moving shots from way downtown, it sometimes looks like he misses, when he actually makes it. The same thing should happen for you though if you take a long distance shot.