Reviews for "Brian Small"

I think that's what you call insanity.

This was one of the BEST CARTOONS I have seen in a while. Fantastic animation, great story, nice sounds and music, and even the live action scene at the end. Take this to a film fest or something and hopefully it will take you farther.

MisterHerbal responds:

Thanks man!

Woah, what a twist at the end. Since most of them prison events turned out to be random I was assuming the old man and his magic wouldn't play any big role either, nice surprise. The animation was great, swirling effect when the book opened was a nice touch, plenty of other details. And the live filmatization after the credits roll, that was... fun. :D Till next Friday!


MisterHerbal responds:

I love Twists Cd, I should start calling myself MisterTwister but that would totally make you see the twist coming. The old man, is the mystery of the cartoon for me. The live film at the end was done at the last second. The beardy guy you see, is a good friend of mine, and his real name is Brian, and he's small too. So yeah.. fun fact for you. :p Thanks as always and stay tuned!

This is pretty awesome stuff.
It's definitely a longer animation than your previous entries, but I enjoyed every second of it.
Well done on telling the story without the use of dialogue.
Keep up the awesome work!

MisterHerbal responds:

It's not easy to tell a story without dialogue, yet I find it gives you something that words can't. I don't make it easy for the viewer without language.. but my spoken english sucks, which forced me into non-lingual animations. I like it, I wanna try out more vocal stuff but keep it on the minimal side. Thanks for the feedback :)

Wow, Very Expressive and yet an emotional outcome although, The Crazy part was the illuminati effect otherwise I like this animation, It did talk a lot about Enprisonment and what people will end up in Prison even for a Lifetime...

It makes anyone including me thinks twice about heading to Prison. Yeah, It's not a Good Place, I knew some BAD guys that ended up there! I don't want to end up like that guy, Seriously a Lesson well Learned about Life :) Thanks ~ZimDragonlord

MisterHerbal responds:

Thanks man, i'm glad it hit you on a certain level.