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Reviews for "~Echo~ Eternity (WIP)"

I was captured by this track instantly. The piano grabbed at my emotions and the pluck carried me into another world where I was then snapped back to reality by the pounding bass. I can't really say much more than an amazing job so far. I look forward to the finished track! :D

aliaspharow responds:

Thanks man :) I was really trying to capture the best of both worlds with this one and your feedback makes me feel like I've just about hit my mark. This is still a very early preview though so I'll be sure to update you to any significant changes or the finished track.
Thank you for your enjoyment!

its been a while Alias, or should i say Simon, or do you prefer Forespace. im just teasing you.
On a side note, im following you for some time now from a far distance and its also been some time since ive really really liked one of your latest submission.
But, thats very understandable.. latest issue.
The progression this piece has to offer really shows off(no wonder b'cause: Aliaspharow).
Quality beyond anything before, from you(for real).
I guess im speechless because, you are doing so friggin good.
Really if i could pat your back/shoulder right now, i'd hit you through a stone wall(jk).

aliaspharow responds:

D-Chain! :D I am honored by your appreciation my good friend. The updated version is slightly better and i still have some ideas in mind to keep the song going forward. some involve changing large sections so hopefully that will pan out nicely.

Very VERY well done. This reminds me of the trance song I did (THOUGH MUCH BETTER) I love the gated sidechain efect leading into the first drop. I WAS LITERALLY like HOLY SHIAT. I love the vibe all the way the throughout. Love the super delay. Love the super reverb, it fits for this song. Love the chord progression, a true masterpiece. And masterfully mixed. Good luck in the NGADM Comp my fellow compettitor!

This makes me shaky about even auditioning for the deathmatch haha. This is fantastic structurally, musically, and mix-wise. There's a lot of common stuff in here that's hard to make not sound cheesy, but you definitely pulled it off. Really nice!

Instant favorite.

I love atmospheric house and this is no exception. It is very well structures, it sounds clean and professional, I really have no complaints about the mixing either.

To quote someone on YT, this shit is so deep I need a spelunker hat.