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Reviews for "~Echo~ Eternity (WIP)"

Not bad, not bad.

Gave this a little over 24 hours to listen back and think over it.

I'll start with some cons:

- Piano reverb is a bit much on the highs. EQ on that could make that a little more tame without being tad too harsh. Otherwise, makes the track sound a little too washy. But, aesthetically, I know what you're going for. I think a side-verb for that would probably work better than a mid, in this case. You can get the same amount of atmosphere with less of the wash and muddiness.

- Snareclap is a little lacking, at least for my tastes. Needs more clap and a bit more of that mid-high meat to make it snappier.

- Patterns could use more transitional phrasing, where the kit is concerned. What I mean is that it'd help to keep the percussive interest by changing up the beat every four to eight bars. It'll sound less like one lengthy stream of consciousness and more of a morphing and progressive theme.

- Transitions from one phrase to the next could be smoother. Another swell here or there, especially from verse to breakdown, where the kit gives the indication that things have changed. You've got build-ups down pat.


+ Ethereal and atmospheric. Very ambient.

+ Pretty good melodic and harmonic themes that support each other strongly and continuously change from moment to moment and section to section.

+ Arps are pretty nice. They flow well with the swells and the risers. Bassline is pretty creamy.

+ The kit is well constructed. Kick is fairly meaty and hits hard. Could use a little more sub for extra warmth though. Snareclap sounds fairly humanistic with the way it flams the clap.

+ Structure is sound. A little more variety in patterns nearing the end would help it progress even further, but as it stands, pretty good.

Overall, a great piece. Couple of nitpicky things here and there, but great. Good job!


aliaspharow responds:

Thank you so much JP! :D Tremendously useful feedback all around. I will most like follow the majority of your points because I agree with the majority of them. Also I uploaded an updated version that already addresses some of your points.

my ears... they just died of happiness...
I Love the piano in the Beginning and the sidechain

Not normally much of a house/trance/etc guy, but this one got me! The chord progression has an energetic new age vibe, and your melody/arpeggios are varied and catchy. I know that the mega-cranked kick drum with mix bus limiter is kind of a staple to the genre, but maybe see about easing it in as the kick/bass comes in around 1:19. The compression ducks everything, including the pads/reverb/etc. It may be intentional, but it kinda took me out of the moment.
Keep it up mang!

- RRC -

Jesus, I love the piano at the beginning! This whole song is really beautiful. Excellent job! :D

The effects on the piano are perfect, a song you can definitely drift away with. great work!